Graphological assessment of Mr. Parik, Aurangabad, India

I have very carefully examined the questioned signature ‚OSHO‘ marked ‚Q-1‘ on the Last Will and Testament dated 15-10-1989 and compared the same with the admitted signature ‚OSHO‘ marked by ‚A-1‘ on the Letter date 6-2-1976, in order to ascertain as to whether ‚Q-1‘ is a ‚Writing‘ written by the genuine person or it is a ‚Printing‘ made by some different person.

I am of the opinion that the questioned signature „Q-1“ has been prepared by scanning infriging process and the admitted signature „A-1“ has been used as a model signature for preparing a similar and fraudulent signature.

The questioned fraudulent signature ‚Q-1‘ is an exact copy of admitted signature ‚A-1‘. It is not a mere opinion, but it is a fact which can be verified by any person with the help of the attached ‚Comparison Chart‘.

Basis for Opinion and Demonstration of Reasons

(Please refer to the enlarged signatures on the attached Comparison Chart)

Please note the suspicious and exact identity in the questioned signature ‚Q-1‘ and the admitted signature ‚A-1‘ in the respect of the slant, size, alignment, proportion, rubric information, dotting etc. when superimposed with each other and seen in the transmitted light as illustrated in the middle portion of the attached Comparison Chart.

Please also note that the defective line quality of the questioned signature ‚Q-1‘, which has become defective one due to scanning and printing process as seen in the upper portion of the Chart.

Please also note the genuine line quality of the admitted signature ‚A-1‘ revealing freedom of stroke, natural variation in the pen pressure and carefreeness in executing as seen in the lower portion of the Chart.

Full text and Comparison Chart of this graphological assessment (as PDF file) can be found here.