The Alleged Last Will of Osho

There is mounting evidence that the alleged last will of Osho submitted in the course of the legal dispute over the use of Osho’s name as a trademark is actually a forgery.

To allow you to easily see this evidence yourself, here is the following question:

Can you find any difference in Osho’s signature on the two images below?

Not easy… The graphological experts also could not find any difference.
According to them, it is not possible for a person to make two exact signatures.

Yet the two above images really belong to two different documents.

The top image comes from a letter handwritten by Osho in 1976 to a friend.

The bottom image comes from a so-called Osho’s „Last Will“ dated October 15th, 1989, that had been submitted by the Osho International Foundation (OIF) in the European Trademark Case Osho.

Graphological expertise indicates that the original signature (top) has been used as a model to create a similar and fraudulent signature (bottom).

As faking person’s signature and manipulating the court by submitting false evidence is considered as a criminal act and is punished by law, we find it of immense importance to share the current situation around the alleged last will of Osho with the public as well as its consequences such as a recent criminal report issued by the police station in Pune, India.

More details are in the following sections:

  • Where did the alleged last will of Osho appear?

    On the 8th of June 2013, OIF’s lawyers submitted a set of documents as part of the cancellation dispute proceedings. These documents included a sworn affidavit by Mr. Toelkes, who describes himself as OIF’s lawyer, and an alleged “last will and testament” of Osho dated October 15th, 1989. This submission was the first time that anyone had heard of the existence of such a document in the 23 years since Osho’s death. read more…

  • Witness statement of Mr. Toelkes (OIF's lawyer)

    „I drafted the Will, and witnessed Osho’s execution thereof, in the presence of the signing witnesses, as can be seen on the face of the document. The copy provided is a true and correct copy of the Will, and the signatures thereon were made by the persons so identified and were made on the date indicated on the document. Osho asked questions about the legal effect of the document prior to his execution thereof, and was unquestionably mentally alert and in full possession of his faculties at the time of execution.“ read more…

  • Graphological Assessment from Bologna, Italy

    The graphological expert, Ms. Ciccolo, believes that the evidence found unquestionably leads to the technical assessment of the falsity of the bottom image.
    The signature bearing the name „Osho“ is apocryphous since it was not handwritten in the original but added by means of photographic procedure.

    The apocryphous signature bearing the name „Osho“ was placed at the bottom of the will by means of one of the many counterfeiting techniques (copy and paste photostatic process, scanning, tracing, etc.). read more…

  • Graphological assessment from Aurangabad, India

    The graphological expert, Mr. Parik, is of the opinion that the questioned signature „Q-1“ has been prepared by scanning infriging process and the admitted signature „A-1“ has been used as a model signature for preparing a similar and fraudulent signature.

    The questioned fraudulent signature ‚Q-1‘ is an exact copy of admitted signature ‚A-1‘. This fact can be verified by anyone with the naked eye using the help of the attached ‚Comparison Chart‘. read more..

  • Graphological assessment from New Delhi, India

    The questioned signature marked Q1 JKC and admitted signature marked as A1 JKC when superimposed on each other than fit exactly on each other i.e. same in size, shape, slant etc etc which is a sign of forgery as it is not possible for a person to do two exact signatures.

    These signatures are reproduction of one and the same model. This forgery appears to have been done by any method of tracing i.e. carbon tracing, intended tracing, forgery by facing paper, transmitted image and scanned image etc. read more…

  • Criminal report from the police station in Pune, India

    Mr. Yogesh Thakkar had filed the complaint FIR No.149/13 against the Trustees of Osho International Foundation that on their behalf the forged last will of Osho has been prepared and submitted to the court on the 8th of June 2013.

    The names of the accused persons are as follows: 1) Mr. Michael Byrne (O’Byrne) aka Jayesh, 2) Mr. D’Arcy O’Byrne aka Yogendra, 3) Dr. John Andrews aka Amrito, 4) Mr. Mukesh Kantilal Sarda aka Mukesh Bharti, 5) Mr. Klaus Steeg aka Pramod along with 6) Mr. Philip Toelkes aka Niren [not in OIF].

    On the 8th of December 2013 the first information report have been issued by the police station taking this complaint in further investigations. read full text…

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