Excerpt from the witness statement of the OIF’s lawyer

24. Osho’s Last Will & Testament negates Lotus‘ contentions re invalidity of document of transfer. Though Lotus‘ claims against validity of the documents of transfer are shown to be against the applicable law and without foundation, the vulnerability of any of the documents of transfer would not defeat Osho’s clearly stated intention to transfer any and all property interests to the persons and entities he entrusted in his work. Osho left a Last Will & Testament, which was created to address the possibility that any of the earlier transfers would not be effective to divest him of all property interests, as had been his stated intention.

25. A true copy of Osho’s Last Will & Testament, („Osho’s Will“) executed on October 15, 1989, shortly before his death, a copy of which is provided herewith as Exhibit 4, clearly stated again his intention to transfer any and all property rights or interests he had to OIF. His Will devises „all right, title, and interest on any nature in any and all property including but not limited to all ownership, publishing or related rights, to all my work… in any form… „. The breadth of the bequest is clearly sufficient to transfer any and all rights to use of his name and likeness, as well as all of his work.

26. Authentication of Will. I drafted the Will, and witnessed Osho’s execution thereof, in the presence of the signing witnesses, as can be seen on the face of the document. The copy provided is a true and correct copy of the Will, and the signatures thereon were made by the persons so identified and were made on the date indicated on the document. Osho asked questions about the legal effect of the document prior to his execution thereof, and was unquestionably mentally alert and in full possession of his faculties at the time of execution.

Full text of the supplemental witness statement of Mr. Toelkes (OIF’s lawyer) can be found as PDF file here.